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Salerno a city to fall in love with

The Rubino Holiday House  and Rubino Suites with their central location offers the possibility of reaching the main attractions with minimal effort.

  • FREEDOM SQUARE inaugurated in September 2021, it is located in the immediate vicinity of the Maritime Station. It qualifies as the largest work on the sea, a sumptuous architectural work that has relaunched Salerno in the European tourist panorama.

  • ARTIST LIGHTS a unique event in the city of Salerno. The entire city perimeter, in the period from November to January, is filled with artistic lights that make the atmosphere magical for both adults and children.

  • THE MEDIEVAL AQUEDUCT popularly renamed "Devil's Bridges". Legend has it that it was built in a single night, with the help of demons, by the 12th century magician Pietro Barliario. Popular superstition says that venturing under the arches between dusk and dawn would lead to encounters with demons or evil spirits.

  • PROVINCIAL ART GALLERY OF SALERNO proceeding through one of the main shopping streets of Salerno, that is, along Via de' Mercanti, a suggestive and ancient road that crosses the entire old city, you can reach the Provincial Art Gallerywhich is located on the first floor of Pinto Palace from the 17th century, noble residence of one of the most important families of Salerno. The history of the gallery is actually crucial for the provincial administration of Salerno, committed not only to the recovery and valorization of the paintings, but also to the restoration of the building itself.TIP: You could take advantage of the proximity of the virtual museum of the Salerno medical school for a visit.


  • SALERNO CATHEDRAL, Leaving the tunnel and continuing left until the intersection with Via Duomo, you have to turn right to reach theSalerno Cathedral which is located in Piazza Alfano I. It is the main place of Catholic worship as well as the second most important attraction in Salerno. The cathedral was built in Romanesque style in the 11th century and subsequently modified several times. Inside the Salerno cathedral you absolutely must see the crypt. CURIOSITY: Inside the crypt is kept the stump, where according to tradition, three martyrs were beheaded: Gaius, Ante and Fortunatus. Legend has it that by placing your ear on it, you can still hear the sound of flowing blood.


  • SAINT SOPHIA COMPLEX leaving the Duomo, we continue our tour heading towards Piazza Alfano I, once here, turning left we will find ourselves in Abate Conforti Square, where the famous is hosted Monumental complex of Santa Sofia. The complex was built at the end of the 10th century and originally housed the Benedictine order dedicated to Santa Sofia, from which it now takes its name. It is currently used as a venue for events, exhibitions and demonstrations. Since 2018, the monastery spaces have been entrusted to private companies for the construction of the Innovation Palace, a co-working space for start-ups, businesses and individuals.


  • MINERVA GARDEN, from the Santa Sofia Complex, we continue our itinerary along via Torquato Tasso until we reach the Garden of Minerva , a magnificent botanical garden which in the 12th century belonged to the family of Matteo Silvatico, doctor of theSalerno Medical School, and expert in plants used for the production of medicines. The Minerva gardens develop along the axis that goes from Municipal Villa until the Arechi Castle. The garden which today presents itself in all its splendor was the first Botanical Garden in Europe for the cultivation of plants for medical purposes. 


  • MUNICIPAL VILLAIt is home to various events during the year, in fact in the month of April the traditional "Minerva Exhibition" takes place, an exhibition of rare plants. During this weekend event, conferences, seminars, courses and workshops on the world of plants are organised, as well as guided tours in the nearby Giardino della Minerva. During the winter the Villa is transformed into an enchanted garden, thanks to the light installations of the event Artist Lights, an exhibition of artistic lights that illuminate the streets of Salerno throughout the Christmas period. 


  • SALERNO SEAFRONT, After visiting the Villa Comunale, and having dined in one of the lovely and typical restaurants in the historic center of Salerno, as a conclusion of our tour of Salerno, we certainly cannot miss the opportunity to visit the Salerno seafront. The benches facing the sea offer a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast, the perfect place to relax in complete tranquility after an eventful day. TIP: There is no better place to fall in love.


  • ARECHI CASTLE, the view that will open before you, once you reach the top of the castle, will leave you amazed and speechless. From the Castello d'Arechi, which overlooks the Gulf of Salerno, you can enjoy a breathtaking view that ranges from the tip of the Amalfi Coast to Agropoli. It still represents an authentic example of medieval architecture, still well preserved and appreciated throughout Italy.​


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