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Welcome to Salerno, a city that occupies a central position in the splendid region of Campania a few steps from the Amalfi Coast.

Our location is a unique opportunity that allows you to enjoy the Amalfi Coast to the fullest. We are located a few steps from the main attractions tourist piers (CLICK HERE) of Salerno, from which ferries depart for some of the most iconic destinations of the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Naples: Capri, Sorrento, Procida and Ischia.

This means that, during your stay at our facilities, you will be within easy reach of some of the most evocative and wonderful environments in the world.

Explore the Pearls of the Coast


Now, let us take you to discover the gems that make up the Amalfi Coast:

  • Positano:it is like a living painting, with its pastel-coloured houses embracing the crystalline sea. Walking its winding streets is a unique experience, and the fashion boutiques invite you to explore its unique style. But the magical element is the beaches, where you can relax and admire the beauty of this picturesque coastal village.

  • Amalfiit is a city that exudes history and grandeur. The majestic cathedral and Piazza Duomo welcome you with their ancient charm. Walking through the historic center is a journey back in time, with Mozarabic architecture to discover at every corner. Why not end the day with a homemade ice cream and a breathtaking view of the sea?

  • Ravello:it is a pearl located among the hills, where enchanting gardens and postcard views will leave you breathless. The Cimbrone and Rufolo Villas are jewels where art and nature embrace each other in a timeless landscape.

  • Vietri sul Mare and Cetara:Vietri sul Mare is renowned for its artistic ceramics, an art that has deep roots. Cetara, on the other hand, will delight you with its blue fish and local delicacies. These coastal towns offer an authentic and tasty experience.

  • The Sorrento Coast:The Sorrento Coast, with Sorrento as a jewel set on the cliff, is a place where tradition blends with innovation. The beauty of this place has inspired artists and poets for centuries.

  • The Island of Capri:An excursion to Capri is truly magical. The Blue Cave and breathtaking panoramic views are just some of the wonders this small island has to offer.

  • Procida and Ischiawith their beaches and breathtaking views, they are fascinating islands to explore. Discover the authentic life of the island, its delicious cuisine and the unique atmosphere that distinguishes it.

  • Ancient Archaeological Sites:Salerno is the gateway to important archaeological sites, a window into the life of the ancient Romans. Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum preserve the treasures of bygone eras, offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in history.

  • The Cilento Coast:Less known but equally fascinating, the Cilento Coast will give you unique experiences in nature. Long sandy beaches and steep cliffs alternate, offering a wide variety of natural landscapes.

Plan your coastal adventure with us in Salerno as your starting point. It will be a journey to discover cultures, landscapes and unforgettable flavours. We look forward to welcoming you and making your vacation an amazing experience.

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